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Scott Martinez- Director of Retail

Scott Martinez is always on top of the latest trends in the hockey equipment industry, and he brings that knowledge and more, making him an extremely valuable asset to Gear Zone customers. 

Scott joined Gear Zone in 2007, and currently serves as Director of Retail. Scott makes sure that each of our Gear Zone locations are always stocked with the latest and best equipment, using his 22 years of hockey retail experience to secure the best products. He also is renowned for being a figure skate sharpening expert, which he showcases at the Voorhees location. 

Scott started playing the great game of hockey at age 7, and loved the fact that he was playing a cooler sport than many of her peers. Scott also has coaching experience with the UMass Women's and George Mason Men's hockey team, along with being an assistant coach for the Twin City Sabercats of the UHL. 

Feel free to ask Scott about the latest in hockey equipment by e-mailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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